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Separation And Divorce: Moving Out (Part 1)

Following the decision to separate or divorce, a lot of couples turn their focus to how they will part ways. In a perfect world, it would be an easy, mutually agreed upon decision. Unfortunately, few things in life go exactly according to plan, making it important to understand your options.

Why Couples Choose Mediation

In a world where ‘conscious uncoupling’ has become the benchmark of a good divorce, spouses are seeking strategies to navigate separation without resorting to acrimonious courtroom showdowns.

Navigating co-parenting and family law before divorce is final

A lot of co-parenting advice is aimed at parents following their final divorce, but how should children be approached during the process of separating and finalizing a split? This can be one of the most difficult periods for co-parenting, as emotions can be high and custody arrangements may not yet be finalized. Acting in the way that is best for the children and educating oneself about British Columbia family law is important for the co-parenting arrangements at every stage.

Grey divorce is a growing trend in family law

Divorce may not be on the rise in Canada in general, but for those over the age of 50 statistics look a bit different. Divorce in older adults, colloquially known as "grey divorce", is happening more and more frequently in British Columbia and across the country. There are a few theories as to why this family law trend is taking place, but it certainly doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

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